Saigo Masamune Quotes Analysis

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Chapter 1:Saigo masamune Saigo Masamune loves heroes. Despite being mere fiction,the strong and reliable heroes never seize to amaze him.Flying across the sky,holding up great masses with a arm,saving damsels in distress,heroes can do anything! Even when battered by villians,having life-threatening wounds,the hero always rise up to the challenge. Heroes never give up!Heroes are always on the side of justice! These are the quotes that Saigo keep close to his heart. However, fiction is fiction.They are not real. Saigo was unable to be the hero he want to be. Having adored heroes since he was 5,Saigo displayed tremendous will power.Even as a child,he ran for great lengths for his age non-stop to build up the strength he needed to be a hero.This continued even after he entered school he continued his routine after school,even if he have to sacrifice some friendship time with his friends. Saigo also studied hard.Aside from…show more content…
Having not stop his training,his muscle bulged out.Coupled with his relatively slim body,his already showy muscles were greatly emphasised. Saigo has became levelled up his protagonist level. Saigo Masamune is now has the figure of the hero he had always wanted to be.Having a strong and a seemingly reliable back,and an aura that annihilates all malice around him However,Saigo was not sastified. While walking home through a street after tuition,he thought: “Is this really enough?” Although he was now seemingly perfect,something felt wrong. Somehow Saigo sense that something was missing.He was still missing a little piece to complete the transform into the hero of his
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