Hidden Layers In Lord Of The Flies

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The Hidden Layers Once you peel back the foundations within each of us, built by the civilizations we are raised in, what do you have? With the progression of mankind we have forgotten that in the roots of things we too are humans, who hunt and are hunted. In the novel "The Lord Of Flies" written by William Golding we see the truth of what we are without the written restrictions we place upon ourselves and others. As we read we witness the progression and regression of group of boys twelve and younger who just survived a plane crash. Now alone, they are without any adults or guidance. The book revolves around the actions of Ralph, the boys elected leader, Jack, the controlling, and aggressive choir boy, and Piggy, the smartest of the group yet least respected. Throughout the course of the book we see the grip had Ralph has on the group and their humanity slip away from minor acts of rebellion, the progression of killing animals and their reasoning with the loss. With their struggle of adjusting to living on the island with no order, superior intelligence, or real authority we see without the control civilization imposes on us we revert to more savage beings. …show more content…

The use of the conch as a means to show who is speaking and for everyone else to be silent there placed at least one rule to follow and place restrictions on everyone, but it wasn't enough. Here on the island no one had to listen to rules, and Jack realizes first. He doesn't agree with Ralph's position as leader so he leaves eventually offering fun, food, and protection, the basic wants and needs to survive, all they need to live on the island. Here is where the line is split, Ralph and Piggy know the needs of food but also the needs of shelter and rescue over fun and protection from a hypothetical beast Jack later offers in return for joking his separate

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