Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summary

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Stranded on a deserted island, Ralph was the first one to walk the island. Founded by another boy, whose nickname was Piggy, found a conch shell and blew on it to call a meeting. There from the bushes the other boys gathered around, each between the ages of six to twelve. From this group emerges Jack, another one of the older boys as well leader of the choirboys, who claimed himself as a hunter. Ralph one goal was to get rescue, as he did not even bother creating the delusion that they could survive on the island. Jack, Ralph and another boy, Simon, explored the island, discovering the fact that they were on an island, no adult survived the plane crash, and that the only way they could get off was to create a signal fire and wave a passing boat down. …show more content…

Ralph grows frustrated as the boys will not help him maintain the fire, or build shelters, as Jack becomes increasing obese with catching a pig. With threats of a beast comes to the boys, Ralph and Jack struggle with their different beliefs, as each fight for leadership of the others. When push comes to shove, Jack snaps, sending the boys into a frenzy of either being hunters, or be hunted.
William Golding was awarded the Noble Prize for Literature for this story: Lord of the Flies. From his experience of fighting in World War II, changed his views of humanity, and change his style of writing. This was his first book, publish in 1954, and was also his most successful novel. So, what makes it worthy of the Nobel Prize, and make it worth the read? Golding wrote like he was one of the boys trapped on the island, meaning he used words a twelve-year-old boy would know. No long-winded descriptions, or philosophical interludes that would make you confused,

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