Goulding Social Issues

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William Goulding is one of the most famous British writers. He was born in 1911 and died in 1939. Goulding worked as a schoolteacher for nearly 20 years, which explains his concern about children and their behavior in his novels. He won a Nobel Prize in Literature, in addition to that he was awarded the Booker Prize for literature in 1980 for his novel Rites of Passage. Moreover, he is best known for his novel “lord of the flies”. The novel was rejected by numerous publishers but was accepted at last by Faber. After its publish the novel became vey popular specially with children as It teaches them great values. I see this book as a highly recommended one as like other texts, it discusses a major social issue but in simple way. …show more content…

It proves that even innocent little boys can be victims of violent human nature and uncivilized community, exactly like jack and his allies who set fire in the jungle to get Ralph out neglecting the fact that he might get hurt. Moreover, it symbolizes how governments fail because of lack of cooperation and coordination as once jack rebelled against Ralph everything came crashing down. It teaches us essential morals needed for basic survival in wild nature under no supervision of others like outlawing some rules and building huts and hunting animals.. In addition to that,It emphasizes the reason behind the on going society failure in all ages and cultures. Nevertheless it also shows that the righteous opinions are the ones often neglected and put down by the opposing one for example, Piggy and Simon who kept on warning and advising and they both got killed in the end. Furthermore, it proves that uncontrollable savagery can occur even from the innocent civilized souls when put under such pressures and without an enforced law upon them. It is also very relatable to all readers as most of it’s events are likely to take place in real life and it’s characters live within all societies.Besides, it teaches us the essential basis of leadership and how a successful leader should be just like Ralph and the way he took his position seriously and was concerned about nutrition and safety of the whole

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