Historical Accuracy Of Us Foreign Policy From 1898 To 1919

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A( United States Foreign Policy - 1898 to 1901 United States Foreign Policy started off small, the government remaining fairly neutral due to isolation. The only issues sprang out from trade, such as the Embargo Act and the Non-Intercourse Act. United States Foreign Policy really began to change once 1898 rolled around. The year 1898 brought transformation to the policy through war and preparations for war. 1898 brought America to the war with Spain, which was the United States's first engagement with a foreign enermy with the arrival of modern warfare. The Spanish American War was a major turning point in the foreign policy since modern warfare changed things drastically. The wa also gave the United States the Phillippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Guam, which therefore expanded the United States in the world. Also, with William McKinley as president he pushed for expansion, involving American in the territoral quest for more land. This brought the United States farther into world issues, expanding foreign policy. In 1898, America started their first war with China. The United States got involved in an eight nation alliance consisitng of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria/Hungary, Russia, Italy, Japan, and of course America. This whole ordeal lead to semi-adoption of United States propsed "Open Door Policy" for free trade in China. …show more content…

Foreign policy also sparked debate amongst the people due to the unfavorable war with Vietnam. Though once the tet offensive occurred, surprising the world with major damage to American cities during a cease fire, the debate dulled down when Viet cong took heavy causalties, indicating a win for the United States. Anti-War Movement still grew through 1968. Once Nixon was elected in 1968, "Vietnamization" began lowering American casualties. The desire to get out of the Vietname War rose drastically and affected American Foreign policy for once among the

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