History Of Abortion

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Abortion is a rather sensitive subject to many people, it is considered a hot topic and people would rather not even look in its way. But unfortunately it is a subject that is a huge part in our lives. Meaning that it is a subject we see everywhere whether it be in politics, on the news, or even our personal lives and it will never go away. Abortion has been around for thousands of years, it has been legal in the United States since the time of the settlers and the main reason why people were so for abortion back in the day was because they had a true fear that the population would be oh so dominated by the children of all the newly arrived immigrants (History of Abortion). Abortion has been around for as long as one can remember and it will …show more content…

Hospitals at that time were not a very common entity, and antiseptics were not even heard of at the time, and the doctors at that time did not have any advanced education and relied soundly on primitive medical education (History of Abortion). Technology was played a part in the practice of abortions, without are current day technology the mortality rates during child birth were extremely high. As the scientific method sky rocketed the medical practice and we found a higher form of technology to prevent infection, medical care became much safer and more effective. But unfortunately at this time woman who would seek an abortion would have no choice to get an abortion from illegal practitioners who did not have these medical advances at their disposal, and because of this they were called back alley abortions and would result in death (History of Abortions). The main strive to criminalize this practice was from the doctors themselves, they did not want to lose business to those who are untrained practitioners. The best way these doctors accomplished their goals to not lose business was to eliminate the practice that kept people in business that were untrained and that practice was abortion (History of …show more content…

Wade (1973) made it possible for women to get an abortion legally in a safe way by trained medical practitioners. This case dealt with a 21 year old pregnant woman named Jane Roe living in a Texas law the prohibited legal abortion unless needed to save a woman’s life. However Jane Roe represented all the women who were looking for and wanting an abortion but could not receive one legally and or safely. But after this case the Supreme Court ruled that Americans right to having their own privacy included that the right of women how wanted these abortions to receive them legally no matter the reason (History of Abortion). This of course caused outrage through the American society because everyone thought that it was cruel and that women should not receive an abortion because it is essentially killing another human being. However I look at it this way, a woman should be able to make that choice if they want an abortion or not, I do not agree with their decisions but it is a right for a woman in this American society to make a choice with what they want to do with their bodies just like men do. Do I like the idea of abortions? No but like I stated it is a personal choice for that woman and if she is unfit to have a child or they are truly worried about having this child then go for it, I don’t like abortion but women have the right to make that decision. I would much rather prefer to give that being a chance at life but if the mother cannot

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