History Of Slavery In America

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Slavery in America How did slavery begin in America and how did it end? Introduction A journey about more land and the economy based upon profit were the two major reason slaves were brought to America. African slaves were useful, valuable and they were worth a lot of money. The reason that slaves were useful and valuable was because they were used as manual labor. The southern America needed slaves to work on large farm dealing with rice, tobacco, indigo, cotton, and sugar cane. Slaves in the North America region worked on small farms and those who didn’t have skills worked in factories and along the coast as fishermen, ship builders, craftsmen, and helpers. In 1750, there were about 200,000 slaves on the American soil; it grew so fast that fifty year later it quadruple it to 800,000. The African slaves that became a part of half of the population in the states of Maryland and Virginia outnumbered the south Caroline population. The population of the free black Americans expanded up to 40,000 throughout the colonies by 1700. …show more content…

Going into a battle with a Spanish ship, they captured 20 enslaved Africans. From the battle, they attended to land in Jamestown, Virginia to repair the ship. As indentured servants, the Dutch made a trade for food and supplies by trading the enslaved Africans to the

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