How Did Abigail Williams Play In The Salem Witch Trials

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As a twelve year old girl Abigail Williams played one of the most dominant roles in the Salem Witch Trials along with her cousin, nine year old, Elizabeth “Betty” Parris. Together these two girls, along with more, would indirectly murder many based off the accusations made by those accused (these girls being the initial accusers). Abigail was born on July twelfth in the year sixteen eighty in the town of Salem located in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Her parents died when she was very young due to an indian raid targeted at the town she lived in. Due to this happening, she later moved in to live with her uncle (who happened to be the reverend of the town) and her younger cousin Elizabeth “Betty” Parris who prefers to go by Betty. In 1692 …show more content…

The action that struck most to cause them to be cautious of the girls was the unusual and weird positions they put their bodies in. Another reverend with the name of Deodat Lawson was an eyewitness to these actions and showed a huge amount of concern about the young girls. He found the actions of the Abigail and Betty as disturbing as the other townspeople. Many say it resembled the look of one going through an exorcism and was painful to watch because these girls were so young and innocent. As time went on Abigail's uncle become quite concerned about the well being of his niece and daughter. He called the man who would be able to help the girls the most. That man was Doctor William Griggs. He was well respected in the town for his good work in the medical field and many people looked up to him for physical help. He indeed was the right man for the job. As days went, he spent much time looking over and examining the two girls. Griggs was extremely puzzled though. In his past history with numerous patients and their specific diagnosis, this is his first encounter of an incident not having a medical

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