How Did Abraham Lincoln Impact America's History?

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Abraham Lincoln is the sixteenth president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln is one of the most outstanding presidents that have impacted the United State’s history. Lincoln has guided the Northern Union throughout the Civil War. The Civil War was the most devastating war in terms of American casualties that our country has ever seen. Abraham Lincoln served as president from March 1861- April 1865, which marks his assassination. One of Lincoln’s main historical roles was helping free the slaves in the country. Abraham Lincoln helped the all the nations strive to achieve due to his expressiveness of democracy. Abraham Lincoln’s early life began in Hardin County, Kentucky and was born in a log cabin there. His father is named Thomas Lincoln …show more content…

It determined what kind of nation the United States would be. The war set on two fundamental questions left unanswered by the revolution. The questions were whether the United States was to be a dissolvable confederation of sovereign states or an inseparable nation with a sovereign national government and whether the nation would create liberty or become the world’s largest slave holding nation. Lincoln has been elected president during the time of the Civil War. In 1863, reconstruction began during the war by the Union military control. However, before the political battle had an opportunity to completely develop, Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 (Editors). He was assassinated at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. Lincoln has laid in a coma for nine hours before dying the following morning. Lincoln resting place is in Springfield, Illinois.
Abraham Lincoln has done a lot of memorable things for the country. He has changed the country for the better by abolishing slavery and leading the United States through its Civil War. The Civil War was the bloodiest war and dealt with the greatest morals, constitutionally, and a lot of political crisis. He is also credited with holding the Union together. Lincoln waned to reunite the North and South together, not only destroy the Confederation. Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the most memorable and fascinating presidents in the United State’s

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