How Did Alexander Conquer The Known World

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Alexander ounce spoke, “There is nothing impossible to him who will try”. These were the words of someone great. A great leader that conquered the known world. Also he was a military genuis who undefeated by all he faced. He created cities like Alexandria; in those cities he spread Greek culture. He even started Hellenism. The leader alexander was great cause many things one he started leading when he was 20. He also learned from Aristotle one of wise minds of there time. He conquered the known world in 7 years and he had a loyal army, which stood by him in every battle. He was great leader who couldn’t be rivaled and wouldn’t be satisfied till he conquered the world. Besides being a good leader he was also a military genius. Using the formation he learned from his father he was able to beat all his enemies whether it was Persian Empire or Anatolia they were no match for his army. The formation was 5known as phalanx attack, also being able to fight on all terrain. Using this formation 16x16 each man carried an 18-foot pike and used the cavalry charge solders on horseback. With these …show more content…

The city is still here today. Back when Alexander created it was a city for trade. It had the first lighthouse that was 350ft tall. The city also had a library with 250,000 scrolls. It was city the made knowledge a commodity. In his cities he spread Hellenism, Hellenistic culture that was a mix of Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Indian culture. It was culture that would forever change Greece. Alexander did many great things to make him “the great”. Whether it was conquering kingdoms or developing cities. Alexander did it in way like no other using knowledge and bravery. Even though his life was brought to an early by illness. His name and what he did will be remembered, the fact that he tried and never gave up is what I believe made Alexander

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