How Did Americans Grow So Quickly Dbq

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From riots to invasions, many urban problems arose during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Technology was improving and it was making jobs easier and more productive but American’s were tired and weren’t working. Wage cuts were becoming more popular and economically, the U.S was falling apart slowly. Despite the problems, Americans discovered a way to replace the exhausted Americans who no longer took part in labor. Immigrants from Europe were pulled to New York in hope to find what the Americans had said they’d offer. Freedom, new jobs, and cheap land were a few things that lured them into New York. It started when the Great Railroad Strike of 1877 was set in motion. It was random people who began to strike destroying property. The people were furious about what had happened in 1873 worried about the depression that was coming. Wages were being cut off and Americans would not accept it and acted by walking off their jobs. The mobs would not rest until they were finally stopped by Federal troops. The image in doc 3 shows all the people who lost …show more content…

The conditions were expressed very negative and unjust for they’d work for absolutely any wage. Men, women, boys, and girls, were put to work in harsh conditions that are treated as slaves doc 1. Living conditions are very alike to those depicted in doc 4 where immigrants were staying. They are very humble and they dress very cheaply and eat rice from China while sleeping 20 in a room treated very poorly. They used them to find success in business’s for they’d work continuously and would pay them whatever they wished. This gives another reason why Immigrants began to come to New York. At least in New York they’d be given freedom and wages wouldn’t be as low either. This gave them another reason to migrate to New York, giving the people and opportunity of a lifetime to have somewhat better opportunities then they did back where they came

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