How Did Anton Karazai Committed Suicide

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Anton Karazai, a notable pianist, committed "suicide" on May 16, 2006. He made a fortune performing his piano works over the course of his 90-year life. Mr.Karazai was discovered hanging from his chandelier two feet above the stool. Piano wires were tangled, draperies were tied over his neck, and there was general mayhem. After examining the police report and site images, I concluded that this case had a more nuanced story than one might think. When combined with the journal entry, coroner's report, and police report, the scene photo provides a lot of significant information, and I believe this is a murder framed as a suicide. Mr.Karazai was dangling from a rope ripped from the drapes decorating a corner window. A small table was presented with an open bottle of wine and a wine glass half-empty. There was also an open journal with an entry from the day Mr.Karazai was …show more content…

Karazai had a small line that broke the skin running across his adams apple, and he was most likely strangled to death with one of the piano wires, according to the coroner's findings. A thin line around his neck could not have been created by a rope from the draperies; it had to be something little and pointed, like a piano wire. Because the blood was found over Mr. Karazai's Adam's apple rather than the back of his neck, we can deduce that the wire was used to strangle him from behind. In his diary, he mentioned how frail he was. A feeble ninety-year-old guy would not be able to strangle himself from behind with his triceps. Another clue that contradicts the attempted suicide, as previously indicated, is Mr. Karazai's location around 2 feet above the piano bench. He couldn't have sprung to his feet, put the rope around his neck, and hung himself. For this case to be considered a suicide, Mr. Karazai would have had to move off the stool, allowing the noose to tighten and produce asphyxiation. I believe whoever murdered Mr. Anton Karazai used the piano bench to hang him from the central

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