Nathaniel Abraham Research Paper

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If You Can’t Do The Time Don’t Do The Crime Nathaniel Abraham is 11 years old and got the world questioning. Nathaniel had acted with murder. The action was displayed in Michigan of 1997. By then, a law in Michigan was created explaining, “a child of any age may be tried as an adult for severe crimes.” This law shows the fair, just process of criminal action towards all, not just the older. Many think otherwise, but in reality and fairness, anyone, especially with proven murder should certainly be tried as an adult. The quote “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime” plays a decent role in this specific case. It’s simple, if you can’t bare being confined in prison, don’t do the causing action. Additionally, the fact stated “If juvenile…show more content…
They would learn for the future. If they were not harshly punished and tried for adult consequences, they may not learn and take a life again which leads to the argument, “if you put the kid in prison, you’re taking his future, and everything he has going good for him away”. This concern has an obvious response. Nathaniel Abraham not only murdered and took a life and future that wasn’t his, but this is permanent. If he spends a decent portion of his life in prison, that may only be temporary. It’s not a suicide, it’s murder. Taking this life, he also took the lives of the victim’s friends and family. What Nathaniel may feel in prison is nothing compared to what the victim’s loved ones are forced to feel. This offender had a choice. The victim…show more content…
People argue that some juveniles are “too young and they don’t understand” but either way, they still broke the law and should be fairly punished. A fact stating “There are approximately 6,000 juveniles in adult jails and prisons in the United States” shows that people who have broken the law with felonies have been confined by law, no matter the age. People need to learn before they act in a similar manner, again. A similar case is a boy named Craig Price from Rhode Island who had committed multiple felonies, such as four murders and was charged as a minor, meaning he was arrested around age 16 and would get out and have his criminal record sealed at age 21. Because of this, a law was changed so that juveniles could be tried as adults with serious crimes. In conclusion, murder is no petty or misdemeanor. Murder is a felony. “The juvenile court system was designed to deal with petty crimes. Today, teen offenders commit serious violent crimes. They should be tried by the adult courts, which were designed to deal with those crimes. Placing juveniles, along with everybody else, no matter the age, in adult circumstances is necessary. As a closing, criminals are criminals, no matter a juvenile. Crimes are crimes and should be punished as
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