Juveniles Tried As Adults Essay

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A big debate about the Justice System is the topic of juveniles and if they deserve to be tried and punished as an adult or as a juvenile. Due to many minors being tried as adults due to crimes they have committed, many states like California have the law where minors can’t be tried as adults until they reach the age range of 14-17 years old. This law is called the Juvenile Justice Initiative and was enforced as a solution to keep juveniles out of Juvenile Hall and to protect minors under 14 from getting tried as adults. Even though it solved many problems, it also created problems of its own, like how violent juveniles are not getting the punishment that they deserve and how it is harder for minors to be rightfully prosecuted for major offenses like murder. A better solution to this law is to consider the severity of the …show more content…

The article, “Should juveniles in California get tried as adults?”, states,”Firstly, juvenile offenders who get tried as adults are more likely to receive harsher punishments if they’re convicted.” This statement from the article shows that juveniles being tried as an adult are more likely to get a punishment that best fits the crime they have committed. Another statement from the same article is,”In addition, many juvenile offenders are often old enough to commit serious premeditated crimes, which means that it may be appropriate to try them as adults.” This statement shows that it is appropriate to try juveniles as adults because of them having the capability of doing these crimes at their ages. Overall, having the choice to try minors as adults can overall make the process of giving them the punishments that they deserve for their

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