Should The American Criminal Justice System Decrease Juvenile Offenders?

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Punishment applies to everyone. Children are not an option. If one has committed a crime, then they should be punished so that she or he realizes one’s wrongdoing and why is it wrong. Children are not going to learn by just telling them. In the American criminal justice system, it used to be that children have to face the same punishments as the adult, but now, there are laws that are require to cover when deciding for a punishment. Above all, the recent trend of juvenile delinquencies is going down and this portion of the American criminal justice system has improved.
Juvenile offenders have decreased. Some of the theories that contribute to this trend are loitering, rehabilitation programs and curfew place for the children. To be specific: …show more content…

For example, juveniles are able to seek parole and not in prison for life if they did not commit a murder. Also, twenty-eight states are banned to mandate juveniles who have committed a murder to life without paroles sentence. In 2016, the Supreme Court also has decided that about two thousand juvenile inmates will be granted to be release.
American juvenile justice is different from an adult justice system. In Lange’s report, a 10-year-old boy name Tristin Kurilla has murdered a 90-year-old woman after he got mad at her and lost control of his emotion and killed the woman. He should have been charged as adult, but later is charged as a juvenile. That means as a juvenile offender he is not incarcerated, but will be monitor until he is 21 years of age. Also, his case will be confidential.
I have learned the different rules in the juvenile justice. I am surprised to find out that children are not going to be incarcerated, even if they have committed a murder. Even through, the children might not have a fully develop mindset, they are aware what they are doing – harming another person. I think that there should not be “mandatories” and should be based on a case. I think that mandatory punishments are not applied to everyone. However, the pitiful of this might be that children will have more mental and physical harm of just being in prison that is too much for a child to

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