Pros And Cons Of Juvenile Delinquent Hall

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There are other alternatives beside adult court for juveniles who commit serious crimes. Many minors who commit serious crimes and are put into adult jails under complete lockdown are driven to insanity, provided not all the children who killed did it just because; for a lot of them it was self-defense, and if you put them in a separate section in juvenile hall with other kids who committed crimes like their own then they can have positive interaction but still be kept under lock and key. Should those youth who were protecting themselves be condemned to living in solitude for the rest of their lives for defending his/her self? There are always alternative choices. There is always a right and a wrong even if the lines are blurred. Trying to find the right …show more content…

Not many kids commit these critical crimes, but most of the ones that do, need someone to help and listen to them. Because of how rarely kids commit these serious crimes you wouldn’t need a whole building, just a small segment that offers the help they need. In an adult jail the kid cannot interact with anyone and cannot be housed with anyone, but if they had the an area sectioned off, then the kids would be able to have that correspondence with others An annex in the juvenile hall, especially for young adults who committed major crimes would be a good alternative to keeping, already unstable, minors in jail where they will be engulfed in complete silence and seclusion. Kids who commit dire crimes are a lot of the time sent to Adult jail, which catapults already fragile kids spiraling towards insanity, so an area set apart for just the serious cases will really help those kids feel safe and give them the protection they need while also keeping them away from the community. I believe this to be a great alternative to sending kids to go live, and die, in

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