How Did Augustus Have A Positive Image

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Augustus was the ruler of the Roman empire from 27 BC to his death in AD 14. Documents throughout history describes Augustus from the author's perspective. Even though, people alive can't tell from their knowledge of what kind of leader Augustus was, documents can help us determine this. Augustus was portrayed with a positive image from some articles and with bad qualities from other articles. From a self written list about events that happened in his life to a soldiers thoughts, to historians' research, Augustus is portrayed in many ways. Augustus was an accomplished, adored powerful leader who ruled over Rome, with a positive image. While Augustus was on his death bed, he wrote a list of events that was significant in his life. The …show more content…

The soldier discussed many positive attributes about Augustus. He talked about how he adored Augustus was by the Romans. Augustus was forced to become the dictator, he even refused it many times. Romans really want him to stay in office. According to the soldiers document, it states, "Augustus was forced to hold the office of consul eleven times in a row, despite his frequent efforts to refuse." The citizens wanted him stay because Augustus brought peace and restored agriculture. In addition, he preserved his empire brining respect for religion. From the soldiers perspective, Augustus was adored by the …show more content…

Some documents portray him as this positive image but he had done some problematic things (such as ordering his man to smash a baby against a wall). For instance, when there was a naming ceremony, he chose Augustus. According to the document Cassius Dio wrote, it states, "Octavian took the title of Augustus signifying he was more than human; for all the most precious and sacred objects were named Augusta" Augustus thought he was more than human, thinking he was more special than everyone else. Augusta was arrogant choosing a name like this. But, other documents such as the one written by Seutonius, claim that Augusta was humble. According to the document written by Sentonius, states, ' Octvian always shrank from the title of "lord". To summarize, Augustus was the kind of leader to have a positive image but have some bad images in

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