How Is Augustus A Good Leader

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Octavian (Augustus) Caesar was the adoptive son of Julius Caesar and became the emperor of Rome in 33 B.C . Augustus was a good leader of Rome because he was very humble, he was an excellent military leader, and restored Rome to its highest potential. Augustus was a very humble ruler. When he was approached with the title “dictator for life”(multiple times), he turned it down. In an account written by a roman soldier, he says that “ Augustus was forced to hold the office of consul eleven times in a row, despite his frequent efforts to refuse. But he stubbornly refused the dictatorship, which people persistently offered to him.” This shows that Augustus didn’t care about his title and that he only cared about bettering Rome for his people showing that he was indeed a humble ruler. Augustus was a good leader because he restored Rome to its highest potential. To help restore…show more content…
After the second triumvirate including Augustus, Marc Antony and Lepidus, they began to battle each other for power. The first member of the triumvirate to be defeated was Lepidus and with the help of a roman general, Marcus Agrippa, Augustus was able to take Lepidus’s troops and use them as his own (Nelson, 2017). Using this to his advantage, Augustus defeated Marc Antony and Cleopatra in Egypt adding it to the territory of Rome. Overall, Augustus was a strong military leader because he knew how to organize battles and gain new territory for Rome. In conclusion, Augustus Caesar was a great leader of Rome because he wasn't a selfish leader like Julius Caesar, he had great military ideas that helped conquer new land for Rome and he helped set off the Pax Romana and restored Rome to the city it once was. Plus without him Rome wouldn’t have flourished during the Pax Romana and brought us the ideas we have
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