How Did Bonnie And Clyde Affect The Economy

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Bonnie and Clyde
The Great Depression took place almost eight decades ago but still marks the worst economic downturn in modern history. Beginning in 1929 and ending at the turn of the 1930s and 40s, the recession has had a destructive effect on the global economy, both developed and developing. Every aspect of the economy from production, consumption, trade, personal income, consumer activity, labor market, inflation are badly affected. Countries that are heavily dependent on industry are deeply affected. The 1930’s has also been considered as an era pertaining to its recognition of crime and presence of gangsters. Bonnie and Clyde were one of the most famous criminal couples in United States creating chaos wherever they went.
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Parents are farmers, life struggled, Clyde Barrow are regularly sent to staying at home of other relatives. Under the influence of his older brother, Clyde began a life of crime at an early age. Clyde Barrow is also a "permanent character" of the prison, the police always keep an eye on as the culprit of the blatant robbery. At age 12, when his father moved to Dallas to open a gas station, Clyde Barrow quickly integrate with lively rhythm of life here, began to become a "thief" and a rather pompous guy. In January 1930, Bonnie Parker met Clyde Barrow at a friend's house. Bonnie and Clyde love each other at first sight. They both forgot about the friends who were there that day, chatting for hours together. After a while, the two continued to charm each other when they have opportunity to meet. At this time, they are just young adults. Bonnie was 19 and Clyde was 21. Just met a few days, Clyde was arrested by police. However, thanks to his mischief, Bonnie helped Clyde escape successfully with a shotgun …show more content…

In stolen cars, Bonnie and Clyde roamed the southwestern United States, robbed petrol stations, grocery stores, small restaurants, and occasionally several banks or kidnapped hostages. They frantically sow violence and horror on the way. Each time they completed a mission, they escaped to the border to avoid police pursuit. The couple also took on more subordinates like Buck, Clyde's younger brother, Buck's Blance wife, Raymond Hamilton - a young assassin, then W.D. Jones, Joe Palmer, Henry Methvin, etc. All of the Barrow gangs bring calamitous and deadly killings on every street they went through. In the four active years of the Barrow gang, they robbed less than 15 banks, some of them more than once

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