How Did Charlie Gordon's Doctors: Is It Ethical To Make Him Smarter?

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Charlie Gordon's doctors acted ethically when they performed the surgery to make him smarter. Charlie Gordon is 37 and he isn't the smartest person in the world he was a IQ of 65. Also Charlie has a mind of a five year old. So Charlie goes to night classes to get smarter. So then Charlie's teacher Miss. Kinnian admitted him to Doctor Nemur, Doctor Strauss. When the doctors found out about Charlie they wanted to work with him right away because they wanted to make him smarter.But first they wanted to test Charlie before they started to test on him. Charlie was so excited because the doctors were going to do the operation on him.So then have been experiencing different ways to make Charlie smarter. Charlie's doctors acted ethically because they followed the Hippocratic Oath.The Hippocratic Oath is rules you must follow when you become a doctor. One of the rules is about to fulfill their ability to perform the operation. I focused on this particular part of the Oath because Doctor Nemur, Doctor Strauss had fulfilled their operation on Charlie to make him smarter. Both of the doctors had seen growth with Charlie's smartness. Also they have seen that he has been drawing very inappropriate figures when he studies with Miss.Kinnain. When Doctor Strauss had notice the way he has been …show more content…

When Charlie's doctors performed the operation they didn’t do any of murder and assault towards Charlie. Also Ethical standards relate to rights, such as the rights to life, the right to freedom from injury. So the ethical standard is talking about how to prevent people from doing bad things. Also Ethics are standards to right and wrong. This all explains that doctor Nemur, Strauss didn't how the operation was going to end. So the operation was going to either help Charlie get smarter or kill him later on when he got used to being

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