How Did Cornelius Vanderbilt Change America

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Cornelius Vanderbilt was called Commodore for becoming synonymous with the shipping. He was going to provide infrastructure for the government. Later on, Vanderbilt’s shipping became one of the biggest empires in the world. When beginning the transcontinental the Commodore realized that it was a completion to transform America. The railroads were the only way the transportation was low cost and efficient from one side of America to the other. Vanderbilt sells all of his ships because he sees his future and makes money for his railroads. When the war ended he became the richest person in America. He had sixty-eight million dollars which are about seventy-five billion in today's day. When he was young he grew up very poor and he then created …show more content…

Since it’s difficult to produce they only use it for the things that are small like spoons, forks, and jewelry. Carnegie wanted to create a bridge made out of steel. He would travel a lot to find the necessities to make a lot of steel. The railroads were going to replace the bridges and the rails would be made with steel. Carnegie wasn’t able to produce so much steel so he needed to evaluate extra funds. Since he asked his mentor Tom Scott for help he made about $21 million dollars. With the money, he created his own and first steel plant. Carnegie was a good investor, his mill was one of the largest in the country. Carnegie is able to supply as much steel as the nation may need and become very wealthy. Around the 20th century, America was growing very fast with the rail, oil and steel making. J.P Morgan believed the electricity can be something to own. Since he wants to leave a mark and the electricity might be his mark. Morgan wanted to have an investment with Thomas Edison and his new electric light bulb he invented. His home became like his laboratory. He installs many wires in his home with 400 light bulbs. After a couple of months, his home was ready to be

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