How Did Daisy Buchanan Contribute To Gatsby's Death

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In the Great Gatsby, each character has contributions to Jay Garsby death, but some are small contributions and some are major. The character Daisy Buchanas the wife of Tom Buchanan. They live in East Egg, which represents old money. There Tom Buchanan who cheats on his wife and figures out who Jay Gatsby really is. The second to last person is George, a mechanic who lives in the Valley of Ashes who ended up killing Gatsby. The last person is Jay Gatsby who has some of the blame for his own death because of the actions he took to reach a goal that was too high above him. He lived in West Egg that represented new money. Jay Gatsby’s death was caused by many character’s unruly actions and morals. Daisy has so many imperfections that she …show more content…

After he found out Gatsby's identity he decided to comfort him about it when they went out to the city. But before they reach the city, Tom, Nick, and Jordan stop by the George Wilson shop to get gas in Gatsby's car. George has started to go crazy because he found out Myrtle has been having an affair but doesn’t know with whom. Tom starts to realize his life is falling apart because he is losing both his wife and side piece and needs to fix it as soon as possible. When they arrive at the apartment Tom starts going off saying Jay Gatbsy isn’t his real name and calling him a bootlegger. After a while Gatsby had enough and snapped yelling and throwing a couple of things. Daisy gets scared of Gatsby and loses all love for him at that moment. Daisy and Gatsby leave the apartment taking Gatbsy’s car, leaving Jordan,Nick, and Tom to stay back. When Daisy and Gatsby left, Gatsby let Daisy drive which was a bad idea because she ended up killing Myrtle. Myrtle ran out into the street thinking it was Tom driving Gatbsy’s car when it was Daisy and got hit. Myrtle was also being questioned by George about where she got all her jewelry and clothing from. After Myrtle got hit, Tom stopped by the shop to see what was going on. When he found out that Myrtle died he broke down to George that he wasn’t the one who hit her and that he was …show more content…

Gatsby wanted the old past that he used to have with Daisy and was looking for that old spark but it wasn't there anymore. “I ventured. YOu can’t repeat the past .” (Gatsby 149). Gatsby spent his whole life trying to get the feeling he used to have with Daisy but no matter how much he wanted he couldn’t/ wouldn’t get the same feeling he onced felt. Gatsby was chasing a married woman who moved on from him and had a kid with another man. Gatsby dedicated his life for a woman who wouldn't be together with him at the end of the day. Gatsby had a dream of Daisy that was just too much and he couldn’t reach no matter what he did. All the actions that Jay Gatsby took led to his death because instead of moving forward with life he wanted something in the past. He was moving behind him and not in front of him. That is the main cause of his

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