How Did Galileo Galilei Contribute To Science

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Galileo Galilei Galileo Galilei was a brilliant science who was born Pisa, Italy on February 15th 1564. He gave us the basis we have today of motion. Galileo had a rather large family, a passion for science, and he also sparked one of the greatest minds in history. This man cared about his studies, so he made a great effort to make his work known. His work really changed science for the better, and this is why. First, Galileos family and life away from science was actually rather interesting. He was born in Pisa Italy in 1546, and he was the first born of the Galilei family. It is known that he was one child of six, but some people believe that there were seven children in his family. Galileos parents names were Vincenzo Galilei (his father) and Gulia delgi Ammannati (his mother). Vincenzo was a musician, and his mother was a stay at home mother. Galileo was never married, but he did have a relationship with a woman named Marina di Andrea Gamba. Together they had three children two girls and one boy. Their names were Virginia, Arcangela, Vincenzo. Virginia …show more content…

He taught Math at the University of Pisa, and at this same time he was writing a book called “De Motu” (on motion). Unfortunately, this book never got published. Galileo began to investigate the fundamentals proposition of Aristotelian philosophy. This philosophy was that in order to have an effect one must have a cause first. Most people thought that the speed of an object falling was caused by its weight, but not Galileo he thought otherwise. He thought that the gravity of the object had more to do with the speed the free fall of the object rather than the weight. He talked about this in his unpunished book. He put this theory to the test, and performed an experiment to prove his hypothesis. He would drop bodies from heights, one was heavier and the other was lighter. He performed this over and over, but he wasn't able to prove his hypothesis

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