How Did Galileo Influence The Renaissance

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The Influence Galileo Had On The Renaissance On February 15, 1564 the first born child of Vincenzo Galilei and Giulia degli Ammannati, Galileo Galilei, is born in Pisa, Italy. He was born around the time of Shakespeare was born and the year in which Michelangelo and Calvin died. Galileo had 5 siblings in total with him of course being the first, but sadly had lost one of his sisters in 1578. He lived in Pisa with his family for some time before they moved to Florence in 1574. Galileo and his family were not so rich whatsoever, even though they had belonged to the nobility. Throughout his time in Pisa, he really matriculated as a student at the University of Pisa being so passionate in the arts. Unfortunately his father didn’t approve at all and instead wanted him to study medicine. Sadly his father, Vincenzo Galilei, died in 1591 making him the new head of the household. With all this going on in his life, he managed to move forward and later become the new chairman of mathematics in the Venetian Republic. Galileo was an amazing influence in the time of the renaissance and was considered the founder of science in physics. He helped bring up an idea about doing many experiments and observations in order to determine how things worked. He contributed to the Renaissance by helping in the creation of a new …show more content…

In his new way of thinking, people did not trust in what they had been told by religious authorities or by ancient thinkers. You would not be believed if you did not have any scientific proof of things. In the telescope he created, he took many observations to prove that the planets were moving around the sun and not around the earth. Some of Galileo’s work would land him into the hands of religious authorities, in 1616 and again in 1633, when he was forced to recant. Because of this incident, he was placed under house arrest for the rest of his

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