How Did Hale Change Throughout The Crucible

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In this essay there are a couple of things that need to be analyzed, the subjects that are being analyzed is how a few of the characters have changed or stayed the same throughout the play. The Crucible is about the Salem witch trials which got nineteen people killed because of a lie made up by a bunch of children. The play takes place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, during the years of 1692 and 1693. During this time there was a group of young women who were caught dancing in the woods and instead of getting in trouble they made up the lie that witches made them do it. That is just a background on what this essay will be about. The first character that will be analyzed is Reverend Hale. When Hale is introduced in the play he is a smart man …show more content…

Giles died a man of honor and dignity making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of his friends. Giles was a good man who died before it was his time. In life he wasn’t a smart man but Giles was an honest, courageous, and strong man. He stood up for what he believed in and protecting the things he loves, whether it is his land, family, or friends. Giles has very few Moments of ignorance in the play. One of these moments is when he tells Reverend Hale that his wife Martha has been reading books at night and when she is reading he cannot pray. The Reverend believes that Mrs. Corey is practicing witchcraft. In conclusion these two men were great and were caught in the drama caused by Abigail and company. Their lie got Giles killed and caused Hale to fall from his place as a good man to a more superego type fellow. Despite all of the events that have led up to the final moments of Giles Corey’s life he still died an honorable man and he deserved to live longer if not for that foolish girl Abigail and her lust for Mr. Proctor. As for Reverend Hale he went from a headstrong minister to someone more concerned about his own conscious than the well being of his acquaintances. There is a long fall from grace and he fell about halfway. In the end neither of the two men had a happy ending, Giles died and Hale lost his goodness. Theses two men were good until the end of the witch

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