How Did Jefferson's Ability To Regulate Foreign Affairs

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Foreign Affairs
In the duration of history, Foreign Affairs were critical to display whether or not a president enhanced the country to be viewed as a country which established foreign relations with peace. The way a head of state manages foreign affairs was significant because interrelational conflicts in which occurred could have developed into a greater chaos if not handled correctly. President Andrew Jackson failed to handle foreign responsibilities in the span of his presidency. In 1831, France came to terms to pay for Napoleonic destruction on shipping in the United States. When the French chamber of deputies began to refuse the payments in which were owed to the united nation, Jackson became infuriated. In the midst of Jackson’s …show more content…

Jefferson’s action demonstrated his ability to regulate foreign relations successfully in this circumstance. Although Jefferson successfully managed the Barbary pirates, the Embargo Act was not a success. The Embargo Act was passed in 1807 by congress, it led to the devastation of the economy. Jefferson did not act upon this law in which had caused chaos. When Congress replaced this act with the Non-intercourse Act, this led to a trade war in which provoked the War of 1812 during James Madison’s administration. Jefferson’s deficiency of authority amid foreign affairs enhanced the importance of a leader whom would obtain the ability to take control. James K. Polk the eleventh chief executive obtained positive aspects pertaining to foreign affairs. In 1846, president Polk signed a declaration of war on Mexico. The termination of this war occurred with the establishment of the “Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo”(Milestones: 1801–1829). This treaty was signed in 1848, it identified the “Rio Grande as the Texas border and ceded California and New Mexico to the United States, the United states also agreed to pay Mexico fifteen million dollars for the territories”(James K. Polk:Foreign Affairs-Miller Center). Head of State Polk’s ability to establish

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