How Did Jimmy Wells Got In Jail After Twenty Years Aftermath

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After Twenty Years Aftermath There sat Bob, in jail caught by his best chap Jimmy Wells.He felt betrayed, furious, with his anger bottling up inside He felt like he could run straight through five brick walls and come out unharmed. For the past two years, all Bob could think about doing was getting out of prison and murdering Jimmy Wells. They had been friends since they were kids. Bob had been a wanted man, hiding in the shadows. He would have never thought that his best friend would have came up to New York to find and arrest him. One day they were working out and everyone was working out and they all started to talk about how they got in jail. The only reason they talked about that subject was to get Bob to admit the truth of why he was here. Some of them robbed a bank. Others were involved in major drive bys. They killed hundreds of people. They were feared by everyone.Then they started talking about how they got arrested. ¨I robbed that big bank one main street¨, one proud sell mate said with joy. “I shot at a sheriff¨, …show more content…

They were drug dealers so they obviously had the money for it. They wouldn´t pay up so they suffered the consequences. I have been hiding for years, about two and a half.Then they was Jimmy Wells. We have been best chaps ever since our youth. We did everything together, almost like we were brothers. Then when I was eighteen we had the idea of spitting up to make some money. Renting out apartments was my idea. Before we left, we made a promise to meet up again in twenty years. When I was waiting that night, a police officer came up to me. Scared me half to death. We had a chat for a little bit’ I told him my story, then he left. About ten to twenty minutes later a man came up to me. I was filled with joy. Once he got up to me, I realized that it wasn’t Jimmy at all. After that, I got cuffed and stuffed. I can’t believe MY OLD FRIEND JIMMY WELLS!” he blurted out with

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