How Did John Adams End His Presidency?

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What was President John Adams goal before he ended his presidency? The Organic Act, this act was perfect it was to ensure that though John Adams was not going to be president anymore he would still have a majority of federalist become dominate and have federalist ideologies pretty much mandate the federal judiciary. He took action and choose forty-two justices of the peace and sixteen circuit court justices for the District of Columbia, but his plan later failed after the documents were not delivered on time and new president Thomas Jefferson choose not to submit the completed documents. William Marbury one of the recipients that was chosen by John Adams, refuse to accept Jefferson’s decision and took matters into his own hands. The facts of the case were vividly sought out, Marbury was to be appointed as justice of peace and his paperwork was completed and ready to be submitted before he could take office. Not letting anytime past, Marbury went ahead and applied for a writ of mandamus to refute Jefferson’s decision. Marbury irritated and impatient went straight to the Supreme Court of the United States in effort to gain his well-earned position in government. …show more content…

He very well deserved his position and the law did grant and abided by Marbury’s reasoning. He had a right to his documents being submitted. John Marshall, cousin of Marbury later became Chief of justice of the Supreme Court, and he was a huge factor in this case. I believe that though this case is solely about Marbury getting his commission, John Marshall being related to Marbury was somewhat another clear light for Marbury. In efforts to have Marbury appointed as Justice of Peace, Marshall tried his best to help the courts see that it was his cousin’s right to have his documents taken in, without expressing their family relationship with in the

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