John Adams: A Brief Biography

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The United States Second President John Adams was born on October 30 1735. When Adams was growing up he had a young and productive life, Adams would help farm on his family farm in Braintree, and would play with the towns children around him. Later Adams would move on to college where he learned that he was going to be a great public speaker, and not a minister, as his Deacon John wanted Adams to be. Adams would go on to become a well-known lawyer in Boston. There Adams would have one of the most important case of his career. After becoming a lawyer Adams would fall in love of his life, which they would later marry. The things Adams did in his earl life would help him become the United States President. On October 30 1735, the United States …show more content…

The chose was Harvard; his teacher Joseph Marsh was a Harvard graduate himself. Marsh took Adams to Harvard for his examination by the President and Masters of the university. Adams was tariffed by going, but did not want to let his father and school master down. Adams was accepted to Harvard and granted a partial scholarship. Adams would say after “I was as light when I came home, as I had been when I went” (McCullough 34). John would live in an institution of four red brick building, a small chapel, it was run by seven faculties and more than a hundred scholars around him. Adams work hard in school and did very well. In school Adams was attracted to learning mathematics and science, that was being taught by his favorite professor John Winthrop. On his free time Adams would go on the roof and look in a telescope to see the Satellites of Jupiter. In the evenings Adams would love to spend his time with woman. But in his final years at Harvard, his father was thinking Adams was going to become a minister. But Adams joined a debating and discussion club where he was told he had something to become a great public speaker which would make him a better lawyer than a minister. It was going to cost him to become a lawyer. So Adams began teaching in Worcester, Adams would have to make the sixes mile journey from Braintree. Adams would have to make money to take the Bar. Adams had found himself at the age of twenty-four, he passed the Bar. Adams would have his first case, which he lost. The case was nothing more than a man’s livestock that wouldn’t stay out of another mans field. He knowing to the last detail all that was required for the writs and warrants, matters about the case which he knew little about. The case was Lambert v. Field which involved to horses belonging to Luke Lambert, who Adams did not like. Lamberts two horses broken in to Joseph Field farm, then trampled some of his cops. Lambert went over to

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