How Did Leonardo Da Vinci Impact The Renaissance

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In the fourteenth century, the Renaissance was just beginning, and it was influencing a new generation of Renaissance artists, philosophers, inventors, and writers. One of the most famous artists and inventors of the Renaissance time period was Leonardo Da Vinci. When he was living in Vinci, his birthplace, he learned new techniques to use on his paintings and drawings. Leonardo was born in the Renaissance time, around 1452. From the day Leonardo was born, he was surrounded by Renaissance creations. The masterful Leonardo Da Vinci symbolized the Renaissance spirit greatly and was so influential because of the techniques he used on the paintings he created.
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Leonardo had an immediate impact on young Raphael who adopted the Mona Lisa format for many of his paintings. Raphael sketched his work in progress, and used the Mona Lisa format for one of his portraits. This portrait is called the Portrait of Maddalena Doni. Raphael executed this painting in 1506, “the period when Raphael studied the art of Leonardo Da Vinci most closely,” (Da Vinci). This painting is now located in Florence, Italy. The portrait is an oil painting. Leonardo Da Vinci not only had an immediate impact on artists, but he also had a long term impact on artists. A long term impact that Leonardo had is his use of sfumato in his works. By using this technique, it helped enhance the details that Leonardo put in his different paintings. Sfumato is still used today, and is used for the same reasons that Leonardo Da Vinci used the techniques for. For example, in the Mona Lisa, Leonardo used sfumato to blur the background of the …show more content…

Leonardo invented many different inventions such as the anemometer, the flying machine, and the self propelled cart. “One of Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest inventions known to man is the parachute”. The parachute was imagined and sketched by Leonardo da Vinci in the fifteenth century. Leonardo was never able to create the parachute because they did not have high quality technology at the time (“Leonardo Da Vinci”). There was not really any technology at this time. Since there was no technology for Leonardo Da Vinci to use to create the parachute, nobody was able to invent the parachute until 1783 when there was technology able to create the parachute. No one ever tried to build or use Leonardo’s version of the parachute until Adrian Nicholas did in 2000. “On Monday, June 26th of that year, a British man, Adrian Nicholas, dropped from a hot air balloon 3,000 meters above the ground” (“Leonardo Da Vinci”). Adrian Nicholas used Leonardo Da Vinci’s version of the parachute, and it actually worked. Everyone thought that Leonardo’s version would never work, but on that day Nicholas proved that it does work. “Nicholas said that the ride down was even smoother and better than when he used modern parachutes to float down” (“Leonardo Da Vinci”). Leonardo Da Vinci was not just a practical inventor, but he was an intellectual man that could solve problems about the world even before anyone else

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