Leonardo Da Vinci Dbq Essay

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The Renaissance was the rebirth of Europe after it was terrorized by the plague, known as The Black Death. With this rebirth came a desire to redesign Europe into something better. People began studying the ‘Classics’, or ancient Rome and Greece. Science, math, and the arts were studied and funded in the hopes of rebuilding Europe’s culture and population. Many great artists spawned from this period of the Renaissance. Along with those artists came Leonardo da Vinci, the most significant Renaissance artist. Leonardo da Vinci was the most important Renaissance artist. In addition to the arts, da Vinci studied anatomy, botany, geology, zoology, hydraulics, aeronautics, physics, and architecture. Many of these skills were used in da Vinci’s artwork, which is part of what makes them so eye catching and intriguing. “Besides painting… Leonardo made scientific studies, dissections, observations, and research”(DBQ Document). His scientific discoveries are still used today for research and to gather an understanding of science. Also, da Vinci was the first to conceive and sketch his ideas for the tank, helicopter, submarine, and crossbow. Many of his inventions are now used. Leonardo da Vinci was a noteworthy Renaissance artist. …show more content…

One of his paintings, “Mona Lisa” is, “arguably the most famous painting in the world” (Websource #1). In fact, today the “Mona Lisa” is hung behind bulletproof glass in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. The “Mona Lisa” is also believed by some to be a national treasure. In addition, da Vinci’s painting, “The Last Supper” is still studied by art historians infatuated with the distinct attitude of the painting. Da Vinci’s inventions, paintings, and studies are still marveled at today, which is only one reason why Leonardo da Vinci was the most notable Renaissance

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