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For the da Vinci assignment, I watched three videos over da Vinci’s most famous pieces of art; “The Last Supper”, Vitruvian Man, and the Mona Lisa. In the da Vinci: “The Last Supper” video, the narrator states that da Vinci’ painting of The Last Supper confirmed him to be the greatest artist of his age. In the da Vinci: Anatomist video, the narrator explains how da Vinci became an anatomist. In the da Vinci: Mona Lisa video, the narrator discusses the mystery of the famous painting, the “Mona Lisa”. I agree with the narrator from the da Vinci videos, that Leonardo da Vinci was the greatest artist of his age. The first reason I think that da Vinci was the greatest artist of his age is because of his painting of “The Last Supper”. When da Vinci painted “The Last Supper”, he painted with human drama and he also included passion into the painting. Another interesting fact of Leonardo’s painting of “The Last Supper” is that, he painted with oil paints on dried plaster instead of painting on wet plaster. “The Last Supper” was said to have brought triumph and tragedy because within a few decades, the painting started to deteriorate. Although “The Last Supper” painting confirmed Leonardo to be the greatest artist of his age, his work did not stop there. …show more content…

Francesco del Giocondo, a silk and cloth merchant, had requested a portrait of his wife, Mona Lisa; however, del Giocondo never received his portrait. After Leonardo had left Italy for the last time, he finished the portrait and Mona Lisa was then hung in the Louvre Museum of Paris, where it became a mystery all over the world. What makes the Mona Lisa so extraordinary and vastly different, is that, da Vinci painted his model in the most natural way. Also the way he painted her eyes makes an intimate connection between the spectator and the

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