How Did Mass Hysteria Occur In The Crucible

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In The Crucible by Aurthur Miller mass occured when it was believed that witchcraft was being used and the townspeople panicked. A curent event that caused mass hysteria was the bomb threat in December 2015 to the LAUSD districts. In THe Crucible , Betty would not wake up after playing in the woods with many women. Reverend Parris,Betty's father, claims that the women who were out in the woods were doing witchcraft for he saw a pot with animals in it and tahat Betty was chanting. Betty along with Mrs.Putnam's daughter was asleep but would not wake. Mrs.Putnam claimed it was witchcraft for her daughter never woke. The townspeople heard about the accusation of witchcraft and how Reverened Parris called Reverend Hale to prove that there is no evidence that what has happened was witchcraft. Panic around the town occur due to the fear of witches in the town. This was mass hysteria for the thought of having witches in the town was terrifying since the townspeople were all Christians and believed in the Gospel and the fact that witchcraft is a type of diabolical practice. Today,witchcraft is not a type of practice to cause panic for there are subcultures who practice witchcraft like Wiccans. Moreover, mass hysteria is more likely caused by anarchy threats of security and mass destruction. In December 2015 mass hysteri occured when a bomb threat towards the …show more content…

The Crucible shows mass hysteria through how the townspeople panicked over witchcraft. A current mass hysteria was the bomb threats to school districts in Los Angeles and New York. Mass hysteria comes from people's fear that their safety is being invaded. In The Crucible fear was brought upon the townspeople over witchcraft. Witchcraft brought fear of the thought that the devil was upon them. The bomb threat to school districst brought fear upon American citzens fear of not being

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