How Did Michael Jackson Influence Society

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Although Michael Jackson was a controversial figure; he will ultimately be remembered for his fantastic singing ability and incredible dancing style. Michael Jackson was an incredible singer and a generous volunteer. Not only did he change the music world he also had an effect on society. He captivated the world with his dancing and fashion. He inspired many people in the singing industry right now. Those are only a few of the things he did. Before he was a solo singer Michael Jackson was in his family band Jackson 5. They were one of the first popular in there era first black American singers. They were also the first group to have 4 consecutive songs hit #1 on hot 100. Then in 1971 Michael Jackson started his solo career. During this he made tons of chart topping songs at his young age. He quickly became the King of …show more content…

He made it able for black performers to perform without being afraid to get judged. He once said “I don’t understand racism. We are all the same and I have the perfect hypothesis to prove it. I play to all those countries and they cry in all the same places in my show. They laugh in the same places. They become hysterical in the same places. They faint in the same places and that’s the perfect hypothesis”. He had a care free attitude that people admire about how he did not care that people judge how he danced or how he dressed. His quote “if fashion says it forbidden I’m going to do it. That is one of the reason he still well known today why today he is still a well-known figure My investigation led me to believe Michael Jackson contributed to society in many ways. He was an inspirational figure who told people to be who they are no matter what the world will think. He believes all humans are equal no matter color or race they are. He didn’t care if people judged him for how he dressed. He also tried to help people in need as much a possible. Although he died he will never be forgotten as the king of

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