Martin Luther King Jr Achievements

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Martin Luther King JR. was a very brave man he taught people how to stand up for themselves and for there race. MLK. was born on January 15th 1929. Dr. King led the Civil Rights Movement in the United States in the 1950s. He also won the Noble Piece Prize and many other awards. One of Martin Luther Kings biggest achievements was probably his "I Have A Dream" speech. On August 28th 1963 Dr. King performed his "I Have A Dream" speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. His historic speech help jolt the Civil Rights Movement. Part of his speech went like this, " I have a dream that one day we as people in one country could work together to make a better nation". Dr. King also made a comment that one day his children will not be judge by their skin color. There was about 200,000 people showed up to hear his " I Have A Dream" speech. …show more content…

The Civil Rights march was planned from Selma to Alabama 's capital in Montgomery. This marched led into a violent attacked when the police with nightsticks and tear gas met the demonstrators. That did not stop Dr. King he got other people into act by extending his march to Chicago and Los Angles. The third biggest achievements in Martin Luther Kings life was the March on Washington. This march had about 200,000 people participated in Washington, D.C. known as the March on Washington. This event was held to show people what challenges African Americans faced. The march was held after the famous "I Have A Dream" speech. Martin Luther King was a very important person when African Americans did not have as much freedom as Caucasians did. MLK proved to people that they should not give up on dreams of theirs. Dr. King was always positive even when he was arrested. Then the tragic day came when Martin got shot in the head by James Earl

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