Middle Ages Dbq

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Through the Dark Ages, then through the Middle Ages, art, science, and religion had changed from Classical culture; art existed mainly for function, science was ultimately nonexistent, and religion had taken over the lives of the people. When the Middle Ages were ending, the church was losing power due to the Crusades, art began to be reborn, and science became relevant once more. These changes were brought about by three movements; the Protestant Reformation changed religion, the Renaissance changed art, and the Scientific Revolution changed science. The Protestant Reformation was a movement in Europe that caused the formation of new churches as well as the reformation of the Catholic church. The North-South split of religion, in which protestant religions dominate the North, is shown visually through a map(Doc 6). Before the reformation, almost all of Europe was united under the only Christian church; the Catholic church. The document displays how, once the …show more content…

In Guide to the Essentials of World History, a diagram is shown describing The Scientific Method. The Scientific Method was a change to how things were proven; it includes experiments, and conclusions based on the data; rather than conclusions based on religion or what the church taught. However, the church was not too fond of these ideas; as shown in a comic of Galileo. This comic depicts Galileo discussing his discovery of craters on the moon to the church, while the church thinks of hitting him on the head with his telescope (Doc 4). Clearly, they do not like the idea that Galileo is challenging what they teach the people. However, this shows change in the way that the people are finally questioning what the church teaches, rather than following blindly. Ultimately, the Scientific Revolution was a time of change in the way that people saw the material

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