How Did Ronald Reagan Conservatism

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The Ronald Reagan Era was an extremely powerful and important time in political history. It changed the way the entire Republican party thought. The conservatism article states that this era was so powerful that “political rivals were forced to respond to how influential and powerful” Ronald Reagan was. Through his influence with International affairs, his powerful speaking through the media, and his ability to work with his chairmen to create more innovative ways to have a better government, Ronald Reagan created a new Republican Party.
In 1980, when Ronald Reagan initially won the Republican vote, he had already created ideas that he believed would benefit the United States. Chapter 29 states “His vision of less government, lower taxes, renewed military might, and traditional social values... …show more content…

During his presidency, Women and minorities were not provided equal rights, and AIDS became a major problem. The new conservatism essentially prevented congress on making positive strides, so, as chapter 29 states, both parties reached a stalemate. During this time, Reagan realized that the plan he initially had in mind had many holes in it. According to chapter 29, Policy setbacks, economic woes, and scandals plagued the Reagan administration. For a time, the conservatives’ triumph was in doubt, but then the cold war began to end. Whenever the world began to doubt Reagan and his ideas, he seemed to turn everything around. During this latter period of his second term, the Soviet Union experienced economic troubles which, in turn, enabled America to relieve its war tensions.
In Conclusion, Ronald Reagan inherited America during a very tough time, and essentially made a lot of major changes that are still in office today. Even when his plans seemed like they would be unsuccessful and Reagan would not be able to keep his promises, he remained optimistic and continued to push America in the right

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