Ronald Reagan And Conservative Conservatism

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The Rise of Ronald Reagan and Republican Conservatism Conservatism and liberalism are two of the most dominant political philosophies and ideologies during the post-Enlightenment era (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). As an ideology, conservatism served as a blueprint in the society which promoted the idea of retaining traditional social institutions, beliefs, cultures and discourage social changes. Although the United States of America during the present day promotes liberalism, there was one portion of the country’s history that conservatism was promoted due to several factors. This paper examines the very factors which gave rise to conservatism embodied in the candidacy of Ronald Reagan. The events which happened prior to the rise of conservatism are important factors that need to be determined because such factors contributed to the rise of the ideology. For one, several issues on immorality ignited conservatism. The conservative upsurge includes a large group of fundamentalist Christians who believe that the Bible is the direct word of God (American History). They were particularly concerned about the increasing crime and sexual immorality rates (American History). Another issue which gave rise to conservatism is abortion (American History). In Roe v. Wade, the woman 's right to abortion was upheld (American History). It resulted to wide disparity among those who believe that life is considered as sacred. Such individuals included large number of Catholics,
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