How Did The 15th Amendment Did Not Accomplish Its Goals

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After the Civil War, the U.S.A. had to reconstruct itself which means that it basically had to rebuild itself so it could go back into its normal form. While the U.S.A. was going into reconstruction they made many Amendments. But, the most important Amendment did not accomplish its goals. I am talking about the 15th Amendment that was created with purpose to let African Americans vote. But, thankfully one of the Amendments greatly succeeded and that is the 13th Amendment, which greatly succeeded. At the end of the U.S.A’s reconstruction the 13 th Amendment was a great success, because America made the South do a pledge to not use slavery anymore, while the 15th Amendment was not because it “sparked” the KKK which did many bad things to African Americans to make sure they did not vote, many other people tried to stop African Americans from voting in many …show more content…

The 15th Amendment went into effect on March 30, 1870. Many people all over the U.S.A. was very happy about this especially extremely old reformers from the past. As wells as people like Frederick Douglas were happy because they believed that the African Americans are not considered equal until they get there vote on the ballot. One of the things that stopped the 15th Amendment from being fulfilled was the KKK. Ku Klux Klan is what KKK stands for. They killed and threatened many African Americans to not vote and most of the time killed and tortured many African Americans sadly. So in the general sense the 15th Amendment was not fulfilled because of the KKK. The KKK was created because when the 15th Amendment was announced some people were mad that African Americans would get to vote and so came the formation of the KKK. The KKK limited African Americans right, which limited them from voting 100% easily. Even though the 15th Amendment was a fail, the 13th Amendment fulfilled its purpose just

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