How Did The Baby Boom Affect The World

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Boomers Effects The baby boom has many effects on the world but the boomers created a better, more equal world for women, gays, and United States Citizens. The boomers are the generation of about 80 million children born post world war II. Starting in 1946 and ending in 1964, it is described as a shockwave of births. The baby boom was a cause of younger women reaching adulthood and facing an increased labor market, leaving them to feel like they need to have children to expel them from the workforce (Doepke et al.). Along with men coming home from the war wanting to start families, since they lost out from the war, with the thought that the depression was over and the good times will begin. As a result of this there were many effects of the …show more content…

("Baby Boom").Women have fought endlessly over time to be equal and to have a say, the boomers began to make that more possible than ever thought of. The boomers started a feminist movement that ushered a new era for women. The post war feminist movement is known as the second wave feminist movement. The first wave focused on basic women's rights like gender equality and women's suffrage. The second wave is more about sexuality, family, domesticity, the workplace, reproductive rights, inequalities, and official legal inequalities, it was focused on critiquing the patriarchal, or male-dominated, institutions and cultural practices throughout society. The boomers pushing through this movement pointed out issues including of domestic violence and marital rape, began rape-crisis centers and women's shelters. The boomers also brought changes in custody laws and divorce law. As the boomer generation continued to fight there were events like Eleanor Roosenvelt reading the open letter to the women of the world pushed women to involve themselves in national and international affairs. Leading the woman fighting for the rights to equal pay and equal job positions, finalizing with the equal pay act in 1963 ("America's Baby"). The boomers pushed women into winning the rights to sit within a jury and having a bank account to having the right to have an abortion. …show more content…

Along with the many rallies for womans, gays, and civil rights. The boomers had the inspirational leaders of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr, and Gloria Steinem, all promoting a change of some kind. For example JFK is known for his idea of “a new generation of Americans”. He showed leadership and wanted the US to push forward with new scientific discoveries. JFK claimed that we would have a man on the moon, on which we did achieve. Martin Luther King Jr fought for the african american rights, and is famously known for his, “I Had A Dream” speech for civil rights. Which was a success, and is taught to many schools around the world for his revolutionary act. Gloria Steinmen is an american journalist, she is an social and political activist. She emerged as the leader of the second national feminist wave. The boomers pushed to be against the social norm. They made alienation fashionable and turned self-indulgence into a religion. During adulthood many boomers began to start the hippie era, a group of people advocating for peace not war. They indulged in sex and drugs, and lived a carefree lifestyle. But not everything was peaceful and easy, the boomers were born into a time where they had to pay for their own schooling with student loans. The boomers were the first generation to enter adulthood already troubled with large debts. They also paid, publicly

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