Black Death Negatively Affected The Catholic Church

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Black Death
Leo Gelband
Sheldon Forsyth
Did you know that the Black Death killed over three million Europeans during the Medieval Ages? It is actually known to be the worst epidemic of all times. The Black Death affected many aspects of society during Medieval Times. One of the aspects that were affected was the Catholic Church's power. The Black Death negatively affected the Catholic Church's power in Medieval Times.
To understand how that happened better, we first have to learn a bit more about the Black Death. The Black Death, or bubonic plague, was a disease that came from bacterias in rats. Fleas caused the spread of it by getting the disease from rats, and infecting humans. The disease originated in China, and spread mostly through trade routes. The disease hit Europe in 1346 and only ended in 1351. It came back in waves on the 15th century. Some common symptoms of the Black Death were: coughing, sneezing, vomiting, and buboes, which are egg-sized swellings located under the arms or in the groin that are usually black or blue. Simple hygiene would help prevent the disease, "History Alive!" stated. …show more content…

Firstly, one of the three main effects the Black Death had on the Catholic Church was that nobody at that time had an explanation for the disease. According to "History Alive!", "Terrified people falsely blamed the plague on everything from the positions of the planets to lepers and to Jews." This shows us that when people asked the Catholic Church why the disease was there, no answer was given, because they didn't have the technology we do nowadays to find out what origins the disease. With that being, people began to lose faith in the Catholic

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