How Did The Central Government Created When The Articles Of Confederation Were Not Working Well

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Week 6 Review Questions 1. How did the limited central government created by the Articles of Confederation reflect the issues behind the Revolution and fears for individual liberties? The limited central government represented more of a peace treaty between that states than a blueprint for a powerful nation. It was created to maintain national coordination during the Revolution, but not much more; The States still held most of the power. The only powers the national government held were those essential to the Revolution such as declaring war, conducting foreign affairs, and making treaties with other governments (Foner 249). This weakness stemmed from the public fear of a tyrannical government that would hold too much power over it’s citizenry, …show more content…

What events and ideas led to the belief in 1786 and 1787 that the Articles of Confederation were not working well? Shay’s Rebellion and the actions of State legislatures opened the door for feelings that the Articles of Confederation were not working. Acting in what they claimed to be the spirit of the Revolution, citizens rose up in protest of the government that could not do enough to protect its citizens interests. People were facing debt and losing their land, not able to make a proper living or pay taxes. Fears arose over the abuse of liberty and unchecked power of the people (255). Because of this it was decided that the national government must be strengthened in order to develop uniform economic policies and protect property owners from infringements on their rights by local majorities …show more content…

What were the major arguments in support of the Constitution given by the Federalists? The Federalist’s major arguments were that the checks and balances put in place would maintain a strong government while also protecting it from becoming tyrannical. Hamilton claimed that it would be “the perfect balance between liberty and power (263).” Madison claimed that the Constitution was structured to prevent abuses of authority (264). He also claimed that it was in place to protect public rights and protect the public from conducting dangerous activities. He claimed that it would create a coalition of minorities while never letting one control the

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