How Did The Articles Of Confederation Need A Central Government

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After the American Revolution, the colonies needed to reconstruct a new, fresh government. America, however, was extremely restrictive with giving the central government any forms of power after the hardships the colonies faced being under the British government and Parliament. The colonies did not want to undergo another period of unfair taxation and regulated systems. Thus, America’s first government, The Articles of Confederation, gave the central government immensely few granted powers. After an eight year period, the majority of America knew that they needed a new form of government. The thirteen sovereign United States of America and the American population shifted support from a weak central government under the Articles of Confederation …show more content…

When Congress put the US Constitution into effect and initiated the House of Representatives and the Senate, the government could impose laws on the colonies much more easily. The Articles of Confederation made creating laws exceptionally difficult as it required 9 of the 13 states to agree with Congress in order to enact new laws. Also, if the government wanted to alter itself, Congress needed a unanimous voting all of thirteen states to agree to the changes. Furthermore, imposing laws was quite difficult for America since this was during a time when almost of the colonists possessed an unhappy opinion towards government and taxes. It’s shown that the Articles experienced a grueling time imposing new laws and tariffs due to America’s struggle with trade regulations in between each colony, as the Articles couldn’t simply change the way trade worked. With the Articles unable to regulate trade in between each state, it was clear that the Articles could not create laws other than land policies, such as the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, and the United States of America needed a new form of government with a more powerful central

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