How Did The Columbian Exchange Affect Society

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The Columbian Exchange (also known as The Great Exchange) was the exchange of numerous foods, animals, cultures, and even technology; having the biggest impact on the whole country. Native Americans and African Americans experienced a majority of the negatives of the exchange, while the Europeans started a new life. Establishing ownership of land and people, causing poverty over time. Also having a dramatic effect on the population as the two worlds began to collide. Like so, the Columbian exchange shaped and formed the society we have today. The Columbian Exchange allowed the transformation of diseases between the two worlds. Diseases affected the Native Americans the most, demolishing nearly all of their population. The diseases spread rapidly throughout the New World, not only infecting the Native people. Moreover, affecting anyone who has exposed it, reaching many more places in the world including Mexico, Peru, and killing millions on the Carribean Islands. Europeans were already immune to the diseases other cultures endured. …show more content…

Native Americans lost most of their land to the Europeans, causing them to be left in distress from the violence and environmental damage. However, before there were black slaves, Europeans would have white indentured servants do their labor. When the indentured servant's inaugurated a rebellion (Bacon's Rebellion), Europeans turned to the black. Slaves became apart of the trade, coming from Africa to America by the Europeans. "Black slaves were the answer. And it was natural to consider imported blacks as slaves,...". Gaining more profit and land was their only objective. Europeans took over African countries and captured the African Americans. African American slaves were transported through packed slave ships, killing millions in the process. Eventually, they were bought and sold throughout America and were forced to do

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