How Did The Convergence Of Art During The Renaissance

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During the 1400s through 1700s, there was a scientific revolution that affected art and the artists that produced the arts. As publicly known during the middle ages there was little advancement of scientific knowledge and artistic liberties due to the norms embedded by the ruling church. As new reformation in the church and revolution through writers that inspired humanism spread through Europe there was an awakening or a rebirth that led to artists and scientists to look for novel ideas and make innovative creations (Szalay, 2016). Although it is sometimes hard to really picture what inspired what there is a series of relationships one can see between the birth of new scientific knowledge, birth of new art forms, the intellectual movement …show more content…

This growth in knowledge made the evolution of art possible. During the renaissance period artist were dissecting humans to understand human dimensions and the telescope was invented to see into the heavens above (Dauben, n.d.). An artwork that can be properly seen and identifies as being inspired by the scientific discoveries during the Renaissance period could be Ludovico Cigoli’s “Assumption of the Virgin”. This work of art was inspired by what was seen through the telescope when the artist viewed the moon. The painting could have never been made without the telescope. The painting was made as though you were seeing the moon through the telescope and then the painter added the Virgin Mary and decorative religious ornamental figures. During the Baroque period we can see thanks to the advances of science in creating the printing press there was a new way for artists to produce works of art. This new art style was called etching. Etching was the act of making prints (Thompson, n.d.). The evolution of science and the printing press gave way for artists to start making art through prints. One of the most famous artists that made etchings was Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. On of Rembrandt’s most famous etching is “The three trees”, 1643. The printing press also made it possible to mass produce these

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