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DBQ “What a piece of work is man!” (Doc. B). After the middle ages, and after the Black plague, and fighting had begun to die down, Europe had started a new era. The Renaissance, people had begun to look up to the sky and began to think about the world around them. People began to question authority, and look at the things around them, and make new resources. Humanism began to take place, and people had thought of the individual and not of religious themes for painting, and how the universe, and the human body worked. How did the rebirth of Roman and Greek culture change people’s perception of the world? The reason for the rebirth of Roman and Greek culture was because of individualism, reasoning, and rational thought. Individualism helped shape the 1350-1700’s by paintings. In the middle ages most paintings were of religious themes, had no real detail, and were always two dimensional. During the time of the Renaissance, artists, and painters had begun to …show more content…

Reasoning had helped others look at the sky above and start looking for more things to discover based on the belief that the sun was the center of the universe and not what the church was wanting the people to believe. The last would be rational thinking, people had believed that the constellations (stars, or zodiac signs), were the reason for our thinking, walking, and regular body functions. One man had thought that what they were saying was untrue, and had decided to look into the research further and actually dissect human corpses to find out what we were really made of. He had found out that there was nothing in our body to actually do with the signs that were being said. So when people had questioned, looked into, and wanted to learn more, that was how the Renaissance had changed the perception of the world and everyone in

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