How Did The Puritans Start The Salem Witch Trials

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Many people in the past had less faith and knowledge over god. God was not wide-spreaded or people had less access over god. People served the evil and became witches, because they strongly believed in getting something good in return. In Salem, Massachusetts, An Historical event like Salem Witch Trials is inevitable, because the puritans judged people. King Philip's war was a cause, a “ little ice age”, the accusation of girls, and teenage boredoms.

In the upcoming two paragraphs, I would be explaining about how puritans started the Salem witch trials and why. The puritans immigrated to North America to escape religious persecution. The Puritans believed that God rewards good and punishes evil,” everybody starts being sinful so, be in relation …show more content…

So, the Puritans believed that any person (witch) who serves the devil is immediately known as a witch and tries to persecute them. Many people were found to be witches. So, they tried to blame other townspeople for witchcrafting to escape from the accusations. The blamings over people got spreaded all over the town which started the Salem witch trials. The Puritans brought religious rules which led witches to appear.

The trials were an excuse for the people of Salem to remove all those people who were different. “The witches were believed to be able to harm people and therefore feared greatly.” The puritans helped Salem witch trials, because their strong belief in god and their purity in god, led to differences between communities, which led to executions of Salem people.

The second evidence of why Salem witch trials was inevitable is because King Philip’s War caused the Salem Witch Trials, because the war between the Wampanoag tribe and the English colonists made the puritans have a mindset that the natives were associated with witchcraft and worshiped the devil. It started because the colonists desired for occupying more and more …show more content…

My fourth piece of evidence is that when a group of girls who began accusing anyone they disliked or feared of being witch. They also claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local woman of witch craft. In court, they confronted that they exibited strange behaviors like, weeping, barking, and screeching to suggest that their accuser or using magic to harm/atttack them. These blamings of girls spreaded over the town and fueled Salem Witch Trials.

In Salem village, the Reverend Parris’ nine year old daughter and her niece Abigail Williams, began exhibiting strange, odd behavior, including shouting and barking. Soon after other girls from Thomas Putnam Jr. were exhibiting the same behavior. Peoples started crowding over their houses. These girls were trying to escape the fact that they were bewitched. So, the girls started blaming others of witchcrafting

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