Impact Of The Greensboro Sit-In

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The Greensboro Sit-In was a series of non-violent protests that made a huge impact on the Civil Right Movement. It made a change by changing the segregation laws of stores and helping make a difference in ending segregation in the southern United States. The Greensboro Sit-ins helped african americans during times of segregation because, even though times were tough and people were getting harmed for standing up, it showed there was still chances and places to make a difference. This event is important because it inspired others to make a difference, and help end segregation, and help pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
There were four men who lead the protest. These men included Ezell Blair Jr., David Richmond, Franklin McCain, and Joseph McNeil. …show more content…

These sit-on continued to go on. At one point, the store ended up closing because of the protest, but when the store was still segregated. Eventually more and more cities around the country started participating in their local WoolWorths. By the end of February, more than thirty cities in eight states had joined in. By the end of March, the sit-in had moved into 55 cities in 13 states.
Finally, on Tuesday, July 26, 1960, WoolWorth's was finally desegregated. WoolWorths was not only desegregated in Greensboro North Carolina, but help make a law to that made it be illegal to segregate a public place. Over the course of those vigorous five months more than 70,000 people had participated in some type of sit-in. Of the 70,000 people, more than 3,000 people got arrested for standing up for their beliefs.
Not only did people start their own sit-ins at other WoolWorths, they also started kneel-ins at segregated churches, sleep-ins at segregated motel lobbies, swim-ins at segregated pools, wade-ins at segregated beaches, read-ins at segregated libraries, play-ins at segregated parks and watch-ins at segregated movies. People were inspired to help change the terrible times they were living in, and they eventually did help make a

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