How Did Thomas Jefferson Influence The Government

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Welcome to 2016, Mr. Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was a Founding Father of The United States of America. Aside from this, his resume was quite long. He served in the Virginia legislature and The Continental Congress, and of course one can't forget that he was also the governor of Virginia. Later on he achieve more titles, two of value being Vice-President and President of the United States. Most of this is common information. If we really want to know Thomas Jefferson we have to look into his past. More specifically, his upbringing and young adult life. Thomas Jefferson was born a little ways from Charlottesville, Virginia on a rather large plantation. Throughout his years of education he would spend hours studying and reviewing materials that he learned. He eventually inherited his father's plantation and the slaves that came with it. Jefferson is known for his famous words, “all men are created equal,” however Jefferson never felt like African-Americans were actually equal to whites. Like many of his time, he felt like they were genetically subordinate. Knowing this information, it's possible to draw ideas of how Jefferson would feel about the government today. …show more content…

Since Jefferson's passing in 1826, the government has amended the Constitution fifteen times. Two major amendments were voting rights for African-Americans and women. Based on Jefferson's personal views it can be infered that he would'nt agree with these amendments. Another area that Jefferson may be very negatively opinionated on is the fact that the current President is an African-American man. Considering that Jefferson didnt see African-Americans as equal, it would be hard to believe that he would be comfortable with Obama leading the

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