How Does Beowulf Save The Day

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This Question can be interpreted in different ways. The answer could be yes because he saved the day. The answer could be no because he became their king in reward of saving the day. He still put forth some effort in rescuing the village even when he served as their king.
I would say he is a hero because, obviously, he rescued the village from Grendel’s attacks. He heard the sounds of those attacks and rushed over to Herot. Beowulf obviously cares for people and wants to keep them safe. One would realize his courage after hearing him say, “I am Hygelac’s kinsman and warrior. I have undertaken many glorious deeds.”
One could possibly think no because he becomes king afterwards. Just because he becomes king, doesn’t mean he is giving up. Another monster comes to the village and he puts forth as much …show more content…

Beowulf goes to fight the monster and “Beowulf arrays himself in armor, not at all worrying about his life.”
Overall, if you think about it, Beowulf truly is a hero. This is because he even puts forth maximum effort to fight. He truly believes in justice and peace for the village. Even as king of the village, he cares for the village that he rules and wants to protect it. In the story, it is said that, “The wise ruler of the skies decided justice easily when Beowulf stood up

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